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The video A Sea Biscuit’s Life was played about 7000 times between November 17 and 18 and about 1500 visitors accessed the page yesterday (18/11). These numbers might not be expressive compared to Internet successes, but it is way beyond I was expecting!

I would like to thank everybody who left comments, sent messages and watched the video on the las 2 days! Specially those who helped with the promotion forwarding and writing about the video. I was really surprised with the repercussion and people’s enthusiasm, which made me quite happy.

I also would like to say that this video could not have been made without this great multimedia enthusiast of marine life, Alvaro Migotto.

And let this be only the beginning!

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It was already time to speak out!

Well, this site was created to promote resources I’m producing during my graduate program (masther’s degree). Resources are mainly composed of photos and videos from the sea biscuit Clypeaster subdepressus from São Sebastião Channel (São Paulo, Brasil) during its development.

After 2 months of learning, installing, configuring, debugging, etc… I think this site is now ready to host these resources.

The site is organized in 2 parts. The gallery will host photos and videos and the blog where I’m going to put information about my project, evolution, tutorials, how to make videos, prepare photos, fertilize echinoderms…! It is also by the blog that you can interact with me leaving your comments on the posts. You can also contact me directly through the contact page.

Please send me suggestions for this site navigability or if you find any problems to visualize photos, videos or pages!

Resources will started to be uploaded on the second half of August for academic reasons.

For a start we have a video and an image!

This site content is free for academic uses. Please read carefully the terms of use and if you have any questions please contact me!

But who am I? Look here or browse through my personal website!

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