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Bruno C. Vellutini

email: organelas at usp.br
site: organelas.com

Centro de Biologia Marinha (CEBIMar)
Universidade de São Paulo
Av. Manoel H. do Rego km 131,5
11600-000 São Sebastião, SP, Brasil


Carreer Interests

My interest in Evolutionary Developmental Biology was first inspired by Metchnikoff’s comparative embryological studies of invertebrates. Having the evolution of multicellularity and development as the main axis of my curiosity I’m searching for developmental data and patterns of marine invertebrates which may add new insights on how and why metazoan evolved.

It seems to me that developmental biology, seen from an evolutionary perspective, together with the fascinating recent advances in complex systems studies, provides a new understanding of what organisms are, and is already building a more complete theory of evolution.

I’m currently working on my master’s thesis with the development of a sea biscuit. My main activities are image and video capturing and processing, which is something I like very much to do, specially with developing embryos.

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